Introduction: TV-B-Gone Coffee Cup

Like many folks who have either made or purchased a TV-B-Gone, I didn't want to seem too suspicious when using it. I could've concealed it in either a hat or a hoodie, but wanted something a little easier. Enter the lowly coffee cup, which provides both warmth and caffeine during the winter months here in NYC. Now it will provide amusement! Here's a link to the video.

The TV-B-Gone coffee cup is very simple to construct and shouldn't take more than 20 minutes.

You will need:
-a clean, dry medium-sized coffee cup with lid.
-TV-B-Gone kit from Adafruit Industries
-an X-acto blade.
-a sheet of newspaper.
-a small piece of white paperboard, similar in color to the coffee cup.

Step 1: Cut Out a Hole for the IR Emitters....

Using the X-acto blade, cut a oval shaped horizontal hole at the bottom of the cup. This is where the four IR emitters from the TV-B-Gone will peek out. It's better to make the hole on the smaller side and expand it as needed.

Step 2: Place TV-B-Gone in Bottom of Cup and Test Fit...

Place the TV-B-Gone in the bottom of the cup and test the fit of the IR emitters in the oval hole you cut out in step one. Widen the hole as needed. You might also need to bend the IR emitters slightly to line them up.

Step 3: Cut Out Hole for Button Access...

Cut out a hole in the bottom of the cup where the pushbutton and green LED are located.

Step 4: Make a Cover....

Using the tape and the white paperboard, construct a little cover that shields the pushbutton switch and LED. This is so that you won't raise eyebrows when drinking your coffee.

Step 5: Crumple Newspaper and Place in Cup.....

Tear the newspaper into thirds, crumple and place in cup until it reaches the top. This will secure the TV-B-Gone in the bottom and provide enough resistance when you press the switch from the bottom.

Step 6: Have Fun!

Test the TV-B-Gone and adjust the IR emitter alignment as needed. I found that the cup really didn't work well at my local mall because the TVs were well above eye level. I still have to try the cup at other locations.

Here's what I might change:
-desolder the pushbutton and mount it on the side of the cup so takes a gentle press of the thumb to activate - a much more natural action.
-take a picture of a cup of coffee from the top and lay it over the top of the newspaper.

A video is forthcoming. Please leave any comments about how you would improve this project! Thanks!