Introduction: TV Decoration

Here is how Julia my daughter and I created a TV Decoration. We've spent about 2 hours to make it.


Cardboard or wood, paper, gift wrapping paper, Christmas items, a printer, cissors or a cutting plotter, glue and hot glue, whatever you want to decorate

Step 1: Cutting the Board

You can use cardboard or wood (3mm) to cut a rectangular shape. Mine was too short 😀 but I will add a piece later.
Mesure your TV then report the shape on the cardboard and cut it.

Step 2: Decorating the Shape

We used snow on the bottom of the cardboard and then we add Christmas trees that were drawN on paper.
We used the Silhouette Cameo 4 for the multiplying and cutting those trees.
Finally we glued them onto the snow.

Step 3: The Night

Then we sanded the wood and applied blue paint on it.
We added glitter to make stars. We will had bigger stars later...

Step 4: Back on the Cameo

We added text (“Merry Christmas” in french), a snowman climbing a ladder, a moon, stars and a Santa Claus.
All the paper decorations were cut using the Cameo.
Stars are made of wrapping paper.

Step 5: Finished!

Once it was decorated as we wanted, we just had to put and grip it to the tv and Voilà!!!

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