Introduction: TV Out With Arduino

This Instructable is for those who would like to use your Arduino to output to a TV. Granted the Arduino is only powerful enough to produce a black and white picture it can still be fun to play with and useful for some projects.

Step 1: Item List

Things you will need:
- Arduino
- A TV
- A Protoboard or PCB
- 2 Resistors
1x 470 ohm ( Yellow, Violet, Brown )
1x 1k ohm ( Brown, Black, Red )
- 2x 2-Pin headers ( Only 3 are used but the 4th helps with stability )
- Spare RCA cord you don't mind cutting up
- Arduino Software ( )
- The TVout library ( )

Step 2: Assembly

Ok I had already made this connector piece before I decided to make an Instructable.. And I apologize for the poor quality of the images, my cell phone's camera isn't the best but I think you'll get the point.

I got this schematic from the TVout Libraries Google code website:

Step 3: Programming

Now for the fun part... Programming...

When it comes to the TVout Library there is a new version but it's still in beta and I've found it to be buggy so I just use the R5.91 release ( )

I'm assuming you have a basic knowledge of Arduino programming so I won't go into too much detail here.. For a complete list of commands for the TVout Library go here ( )

Step 4: Finished Product

Now this is just the start... There is so many possibilities with this, One website really shows how the Arduino can be used as a game console ( )

Also I plan on releasing more projects to further explore uses of the Arduino and TVout library

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