TV Remote Controlled Outlet

Introduction: TV Remote Controlled Outlet

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Hello friends, welcome you to my instructables . In this instructables you will see how to make a simple TV Remote controlled outlet/infrared outlet. so let's begin...

Step 1: Infrared Outlet

if you don't want to read the whole instructables then simply watch the video till end for proper understanding....

Step 2: Things Needed

Things needed for making this -

> cd4017 ic.

> green led.

> 9v battery cap.

> 9v battery.

> bc558 pnp transistor.

> bc547 npn transistor.

>7805 voltage regulator ic.

> 12v relay.

> pcb.

>100 ohm resistor.

>100k resistor.

> rainbow cable.

>IR Sensor ( i used tsop 1838.)

After getting all these things . let's start making the circuit.....

Step 3: Circuit Diagram

follow the circuit diagram and make the circuit easily..

and connect it to 5v supply from the converter and connect input of 7805 to 9v battery....

and make it work...

if you want to download circuit diagram then download from the below given link -

Infrared outlet circuit diagram - Circuit Diagram

9v-5v voltage regulator - Circuit Diagram

Step 4: Working of Infrared Outlet

The working is very simple . when the ir waves from remote falls on senses it and provide the 1v output to bc558 base and as a result ,the transistor triggers and provide 5v to clk.which bounced the initial output O0 TO O1 and the outlet goes off because relay is connected to , again when the ir singnal is received the ic again bounces the output to O2 from O1 and O2 is connected to reset .so when the O2 gets on the chip resets back and again output goes to O0 and outlet goes on....

and this process continues...

if you have any question , then ask in comment box....

Thanks for Watching....

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