Introduction: T.V. Remote Modification

A mod for your remotes that can save you a whole lot of batteries! THis is my first instructable. Hope you like it!

Step 1: Materials


Screwdriver (depending on what remote you're using)


One Battery, either the size your remote holds or smaller.
Tape (Optional)
Screws of various sizes

Step 2: Starting

To start open the back of your remote where the batteries are. Put one battery in the remote and put the screw in the other side of the remote where you haven't put the batteries. Put the flat side of the screw on the + side and the pointy part on the - side as shown. If the side you put the battery in needs more batteries on that side do the same thing with a smaller screw putting the flat side on the +.

Step 3: The Taping

If you do not have tape skip this step. Tape the screws and battery in the holder very tight!

Step 4: Put the Back On

Snap or screw the back on.

Step 5: The Use

The remote should work fine. The battery has a long life time but not as much as a normal battery but no need to worry it is a very slight change.

Step 6: Troubleshooting

If your remote is not working properly replace the battery. If that does not work check if the screw is tight in and is touching both sides of the battery holder, if they are not get a slightly bigger screw. If that is still not working add another battery.