Introduction: T.V. Stand

Have you ever wanted a T.V. stand to eat on so there isn't as big of a mess, have you ever wanted a table you can set your stuff on to get it of your way, or have you wanted to be able to carry more things over a distance in one trip? With this T.V. stand type thing you can do this. I am going to go over the steps I took to make this.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials


Miter Saw



4 7.5 inches wood for legs

Cutting Board (or other firm surface)

Jersey (Optional used cloth so things wouldn't slide around as much)


Hot glue gun

Trim wood (For decoration you don't have to use this)

Drill bit

Gather your materials and get ready to work and put things together

Step 2: Getting Started

Once your finished cutting and gathering your materials you want to take your 4 7.5 inch wooden legs and drill them onto your cutting board or hard surface that you used. when you do this you will have the bases of your T.V. tray to start decorating it or adding features.

Step 3: Adding Features

To make it more safe to keep things on and them not fall of you can put wood on the sides to act as the walls to stop them from sliding of and even put cloth on it to make it harder for them to move. These features help it work better. If you want to go even further you can add drawers to put pencils or other small things in.

Step 4: Conclusion

Once your finished adding features to help it perform better your done! You have a mini table you have several uses for.

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