TV Stand Pallet




Introduction: TV Stand Pallet

Easy rustic tv stand that you can make almost for free :) perfect for someone who has a 32 inch tv.

Step 1: Getting the Idea of It

So I decided to take the pallet home and make it into a tv stand, so when I put the pallet down and stuck my tv on top of it, and guess what? It fitted bang on :) Tools L bracket, Colron cloth, Colron wood dye victorian pine, B&Q value sandpaper 15 Assorted sheets, small brush for corners and gaps, one pallet, and two wooden fence post.

Step 2: Planning.

So if the look at the planks there are 11 in total it's great that they fit in the middle of the stand..yes OCD. I also found some fence post which was used for the Shower support unit, basically make sure your plumier isn't a cowboy.

Step 3: Using the Fence Post As Legs

Now I wanted the fence post to be legs for the tv stand just to give it a bit of height.

Step 4: Final Idea Done

So this is what I wanted to look, the post I the middle just half a foot out under the pallet, I like it already :)

Step 5: Sanding

So I went to B&Q got my sanding paper that was 15 in a pack great.

Step 6: 60 Grit

Sanding block is always good to use so I started sanding the pallet down with 60 grit sandpaper. Oh and one thing that was a happy accident it rained over night so I wanted to sand it straight away, so I did. And it was really smooth even when it was dry.

Step 7: 100 Grit

So I added teak oil to the pallet and waited for it to soak over night and sanded it with 100 grit which made so smooth, I went against the grain in up and down motion doing that to every single plank. After the sanding I went went for the dye not stain I want to see the grain which will give me a better result.

Step 8: The Dye

I didn't have to add layers and layers of dye I used a stain clothe which is the same as the dye, by the way dye was victorian pine which I recommend strongly.

Step 9: Result

Step 10: Final Stage

All dyed and loved.

Step 11: Bracket

I added a bracket behind the legs of the stand for the final Touch. It is optional to use if you want to you to bracket.

Step 12: Oh and This Is Optional

You can use another fence post behind the front leg so yo can put an xbox books DVD players what every you want :) thank you for reading and I hope this gives people something to do it was fun and easy to make.

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