Introduction: TV Stands

For this project you'll start out by getting your wood for your frame. I used 2 by 4 because of the thickness and strength of the boards.


4, 33 inch 2 by 4
4, 21 inch 2 by 4
4, 33 1/2 inch 2 by 4

Step 1: Frame

Step 2: Top

I took 6 boards off of a pallet and screwed them to the top of the frame with the 2 by 4 in the middle.

Step 3: Sides

For the sides I took more boards of the pallets and screwed them onto the sides of the frame.

Step 4: Back

For the back side of the tv stand I took 2 by 4s and lined them to the frame of wood and drew the line where it needed to be cut. Reason for that is because some of my wood as warped and they came out to be different sizes but for the most part you'll get 33 to 34 inches.