Introduction: TV Case for Tablet, Retro

When I bought a new tablet I was quite scared that my kids will brake it in a week, so I came up with this solution,

Step 1: Old TV Case

This one I bought from the flea market for 50€, it was a perfect match for SAMSUNG Galaxy note 10.1.

Step 2: I Removed the Old Stuff, I Left the "buttons" for Later Use.

The speaker is working, maybe in the future i will solder a plug for it!.

Step 3: Back of the Case, Use Blywood!

I used Relatively thick and stiff cardboard and hot glued it in place, added some screws. Then I added some black cart board to the front side and glued a Case Cover(Ebay Clip In) that fitted my tablet to the front of the TV.

Step 4: Improvements!

This is light weight, kids will easily knock it down. The hot clue and cardboard didn't last for long, i had to replace it with plywood and screws. There is space for extra usb power banks in the back if needed. I left the power cord in place, for the "power banks".

Front of the TV case is curved, tablets are "straight". I might add some "filling" later on, black cardboard isn't the best option.

Works Great! Kids love it, now I have to get another tablet just for them.