Introduction: TV Stand ​​from a Pallet.

A TV stand can be quite expensive for such a little furniture. While looking in a shop after a nice one to put in my house, I was thinking about all these people who did such wonderful and cheap furnitures based on pallets. But I never seen a TV stand before so I needed to try.

This is my first instructable and, as a lot of people before me, I only thought of making one when it was too late. Sorry about it.
So you understand why there is not a lot of photo or description in the steps to build it. You'll have to settle with the finished product. But I wanted to share it with you anyway :)

Excuse me if there are some grammar mistakes too but English isn't my native language.

Step 1: Basic Idea - Let's Start

The basic idea of this TV stand is very simple. Just take a pallet like this one, cut it in half and place the 2 pieces on top of each other.
But doing this you won't be able to choose the distances.

So I advise you to dismantle the pallet and to start from scratch. Like this you will be able to choose freely all the measurement of your wonderful TV stand.
There exist many other instructables if you want to learn how to dismantle a pallet, feel free to use the search tool.
Myself, as I wanted to damage the boards minimally, I've done this with a personal but longer method. I drilled through the nail heads before to simply pull on the boards. After this I just had to pull out the rest of the nails from the lumbers.

I didn't cut the boards as they were already at 120cm and a TV stand is usually around 120x40x40 cm. So i just had to cut the lumbers in piece of 40cm deep.

Step 2: Finish It

Apply a rough sanding and a bit of wood paint for the rendering. You are now ready to assemble all the parts.
I've done this with some glue and nails and screws, nothing really difficult here. Just make attention that to set the middle pieces of lumber you'll have to set them with some screws diagonally as you won't have access above or below.
If you do not want them to be visible, put the screws under the boards and not above. But I had not expected this and when I did, it was too late. Well nobody has noticed yet, this is not too serious.

I added casters under for comfort and some beautiful golden covers on old nails for design and to recall the origin of this wood.

Make attention the pieces of lumber are not always perfectly straight. If you want to make them more straight, attach them together with some clamps and lend a belt sander over.

Step 3: Let's Play!

Put your TV on it, some games consoles in it and let's play!

I'm just missing the game consoles in mine :(

As I've some free time, I added a SketchUp model of the project. I like to keep model of my projects, even the easy ones. I hope you enjoy it.