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How does a two stroke engine work? now on-wards learning the physics behind the two stroke engine is very simple and easy. I have created a model to explain the physics behind two stroke engine. Like animations, models can also play an important role in teaching people the working principle effectively.

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Two stroke petrol engine Model

Step 1: Cut Fiberglass

These fiberglass pieces are the frame on which other components are fixed. So I had to fix a bearing at the center of both fiberglass pieces. I didn’t have a hole cutter. Instead, I used a drill to make a bearing sized hole on the fiberglass.

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Step 2: Making Crank

many many different kinds of materials came into mind. Suddenly Multiwood came into mind. My friend had said to me, multiwood is very easy to cut and shape. At the same time, they are strong, water and fire resistant. Cool.. Its the right choice.

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Step 3: Crank and Piston Rod

I used multi-wood to make both the crank and connecting rod or piston rod. Now is the time to make hoes at the center of the shapes. I didn’t have a 5 mm bit drill so I went to near-by welding shop, which is being run by my friend.

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Step 4: Crank and Piston Making

I used transparent plastic bottles to create crankcase and cylinder. Transparency is our primary consideration over performance. Our project is almost completed. Crank and piston are the most important components of an engine. So, I can say that our project is 50 percent completed. As I already mentioned, piston, piston rod, crank, and crankshaft are the key parts which convert downward and upward motion of the piston. I used the cap of a male body perfume can as piston.

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Two Stroke Petrol Engine

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