Introduction: TWSU DIY Gamer (make Your Own Games Console)

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In this video tutorial we will walk you through of how to make and solder your very own games console, using our DIY Gamer Kit

The DIY Gamer Kit is our latest Technology Kit, with which you will be able to build your own handheld games console then learn how to program your own video games using Arduino and our custom software library.

This is the first of a series of videos to show you how to make the most of the DIY Gamer Kit.

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The resistors mentioned in the video might be different to the ones in your Kit. Rest assured, some components may look different on the outside, but they do share the same values on the inside. Promise!

The resistor in the video has a FOUR band colour code with a cream coloured body

Some of you might have resistors with a FIVE band colour code with a blue body

There are no technical differences other than the colouring schemes.

Use this link to see an image of the different resistors and their corresponding values.