Table Lamp

Introduction: Table Lamp

Aim :

To prepare a Table Lamp.

Materials : Wooden block, HIPS sheet, thick metal wires, holder, bulb, wire, ruler, cutter, saw

Processes involved :

Sketching : We sketch out our idea of making the lamp on paper . Our final sketch contains the sketches of all the parts of lamp with appropriate dimension.

Selection of Material: For upper part of lamp, we required a translucent material so we choose HIPS sheet because it allows the partial transmission of light. We took a thick wood block(sheet) to make stand for the lamp. Do not use plywood sheets for making the stand because while drilling or cutting, it breaks down into pieces. Wires were chosen in order to connect stand with other part (HIPS).

Making of translucent upper part: We took a large HIPS sheet. We cut out four trapezium of equal dimension using cutter . As the edges were not sharp as it was supposed to be, we used sanding machine to sharpen the sides. All trapeziums have one set of parallel line having dimension (3,7inch). We joined all parts side by side using gum such that one set of four ends constitute a square of 3 inch then the other of 7 inch.

Stand Formation: The wood block which we got was very big with no specific dimension. We, basically want to make stand using 8 small blocks of wood using saw . The thickness of wooden block was 2 cm. We cut four blocks of size (8*2cm) & other 4 blocks of size (8*3 cm).

Drilling: We made the stand & upper part, now it’s to join them to make a proper lamp. We drilled out vertically at four position on upper part of stand symmetrically. Here, the one end of four wires were inserted & the other joined to HIPS sheet.

Bulb & Holder: The basic elements required for completion of our design. As the metal wires inserted in the holes are rigid & fixed, we fixed the holder among the four wire. The holder was further joined with stand using fevi-quick. Now the bulb can easily fix with holder. We can easily change the bulb of lamp, because upper part of lamp has hollow space from upside.

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