Introduction: Table Saw Caddy - Safety and Organization

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Have you ever started to make a cut on your table saw just to realize that your push stick was out of reach or nowhere to be found? If you like your fingers as much as I do then this can be an unsettling feeling. Shop safety and organization are important things in any wood shop, including mine. In this video/tutorial, Im going to show you how I made this simple fence caddy to hold all of my push sticks within an arms reach as well as a few accessories that I use the most. This simple shop project will instantly improve safety in your shop! This organizer fits on to my table saw fence, slides with the fence as you adjust for different width cuts, and can easily be removed.

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Step 1: Get Your Measurements

First up, I grabbed my tape measure and figured out the length I wanted the caddy to be. I settled on 24” but all of these measurements will be unique to your saw and personal preference.

Step 2: Cut Pieces for Top of Fence

After measuring the top of my fence, between the two faces, and the height of the lip, I moved over to the miter saw and cut two 3" long pieces to fit on the top of my fence. I used 1/2" plywood for this entire project.

Step 3: Measure for Fence Caddy Height, Cut Pieces, and Begin Assembly

Using my square I got a measurement for the height of my caddy and then cut a 24” piece that will sit flat against my fence. Next, I cut the two top pieces that will brace and attach the caddy to the fence. These were cut at 3" wide and the length will be determined on how wide you want your caddy to be. After that I attached the two top pieces to the braces with some brad nails and glue.

Step 4: Measure for Caddy Sides, Cut, and Assemble

Using a glue bottle to hold the braces in place I got a measurement for the two side pieces, cut them to size, and then attached them to the braces with brad nails and glue.

Step 5: Reinforce With Screws and Complete Assembly

Once the sides were attached I moved over to my workbench and attached the outside and bottom pieces. After using brad nails to initially attach each piece, I predrilled and countersunk screws in several places for extra reinforcement. If you want to check out this non-marring countersink bit Ill put an affiliate link to it all of the other tools and accessories that I use in this video/tutorial in the supplies section. Anytime you use those links it helps to support the channel and I truly appreciate it.

Step 6: Add Dividers and Complete

I wanted the caddy to hold my dado stack insert and arbor wrench so I measured, cut and attached a divider to keep them separate from my push sticks. With that, the caddy is complete, and ready to go!

For more details you can watch the full build video here:

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