Table Top Bluetooth Speaker

Introduction: Table Top Bluetooth Speaker

About: I like to combine electronics like Arduino's, ESP8266 etc with 3D designing and 3D printing.

In this Instructable I show you how I made a table top bluetooth speaker.




  • Wood
  • paint
  • screws, glue and putty


  • Saw etc for the woodworking
  • 3D printer for the cover

Step 1: Woodworking

I have no pictures of the woodworking part. I had some scrap wood which I turned into a stand for the speakers

Step 2: Connecting the Parts

Just connect the power socket to the power terminals of the module and connect the + and - terminals of the speakers to the module.

Step 3: Finish the Speaker

3D print the covers for the speakers to protect the speakers and glue all the parts together

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