Introduction: Table Top Tiki Torch! Recycle Your Beat Up Tiki Torch.

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I had some Tiki Torches that got left out over the winter. The canisters we still good but the bamboo was beat up. I decided to turn them into Table Top Tikis instead of tossing them out.

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  • Tiki Canisters (4 Pack) -
  • 1 Gallon Citronella Scented -
  • DEWALT DWE7480 Table Saw -
  • Titebond II Wood Glue -
  • Lever Lock Tape Rule -
  • Bosch Drill Combo -
  • Hand Sand Paper -
  • Orbit Sander -
  • Field Notes -
  • PL Loctite -
  • Clamps -
  • Quikrete - let be real your getting this from the "home center"

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Step 1: Building the Cement Form

I made the cement form out of some picture frame material I figured I would never use. You can use just about anything you want here but melamine board would be the best.

I cut all the peaces to size at a 30 degree angle. Placed them all together and screwed them to a scrap peace of plywood.

Not sure if this part was necessary but, I used some caulking on all the seams. It made the corners round over without any work!

Step 2: Sifting and Pouring the Cement

I bought Quikrete fast setting concrete mix, DO NOT DO THIS. As it says on the bag (which I wisely ignored /s) for fenceposts, flag poles, etc.. this was a bad choice for a craft project and had lots of big rocks in it.

I was however able to sift out the rocks to make a much smother mix.

I dont usually measure out concrete or the water.

I dump in the concrete and add water until I get a nice consistency.

It should be wet enough to mold into a shape but sticky and firm enough to stay together.

If you mix is too watery - add cement

If you mix is too sandy - add water

and repeat.

Quikrete is really easy I have never had a problem with it before.

Step 3: Forming the Hexagon

I used some scrap wood I had lying around. I am not sure what kind it is, if you know please let me know. Also if you have an resource to figure out what wood types are I would love to know.

I cut 3 pieces to width with 30 degree angles.

Then I cut those pieces to length.

I messed up and cut them too short.

I fixed that in the next step.

Step 4: Such Artsy

SO since I cut them too short I had to come up with something on the fly.

I decided to make a hexagon spacer to go between the cement and the wood. With the top of the canister being black I thought this would have some good contrast.

Step 5: Beveled Top

I made the decision to bevel the top edge, when I had everything fitted together it didn't seem right with just square pieces of wood.

I am not sure what angle I ended up setting the table saw to. I did a few test cuts and this is what seemed to work for me. I would all depend on how wide your edges are.

Step 6: Sand Sand Sand

Sand. Sand. Sand.

I sanded everything up to 220 grit and then wiped it all down and got it ready for the final glue and finish.

Step 7: Gluing and Finishing

I used Loctite PL which is a construction adhesive. I used it during a closet refit and it worked great for glueing melamine to the walls.

It says it can glue bricks and stone to whatever.

It can be very messy and hard to clean up.

I was very carful not to over apply the glue and made sure to whip off any excess before it started to dry.

After the glue had dried (overnight ~24 hours) I added some finish to the wood. I used Tung Oil.

I did 2 tests one with Tung Oil and the other with spray spray lacquer. The spray lacquer looked to fake so I decided to go with the Tung Oil and I did not regret it.

Step 8: Hero Shots

Thanks for checking out my post. Let me know what you though I love the feedback. Also dont forget to check out my youtube channel ( ) for more stuff!

Thanks, Take Care!

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