Introduction: Table Z : Intro

About: I am an explorer and love to build things.

I always wanted to make a piece of dual height table. This instructable is about making a sitting and standing table which involves various functionalities, that can accommodate 4-6 people to sit or stand around.

Ready to activate classroom /office /workshop /dining, Table Z offers the core sit-stand features and functionality that help support positive performance, collaboration and a good posture.I liked the idea of a table with a metal base and a wooden top that would have two different heights making it a multipurpose table.

The main intention to make Table Z is to avoid back stress and add movement in the body by making the users standing and working as well making it different from the traditional working space.

Feel free to adapt my style to fit your style. Happy building!

Step 1: Material List

Table top:


• About 1220 mm of 15 mm x 480 mm, neem Wood

• About 1220 mm of 15 mm x 420 mm, neem Wood

• Wood Polish

• Sand Paper 300 grit


• Drill -5 mm

• Sander

• Clamp

• Dowel -5 mm (Wood / MS rod)

Table base:


• About 20 ft of Rectangular MS rod

• Wood screws


• Metal Angle cutter

• Electrical Welding

• Hand Drill ( Metal drill bit)

• Metal Sander

Step 2: Table Top Wood Cutting

1. I started by cutting 2 wooden planks of neem Wood:

• 1220 mm of 15 mm x 480 mm

• 1220 mm of 15 mm x 420 mm

2. Removing a thin layer for getting the same thickness on the either sides by Table planer.

3. Squaring Up the Wood, using a table saw to remove the round edge creating a flat surface.

4. Joining the table top using metal dowel and araldite mixed with saw dust.(wood dowel or even biscuit and wood glue would work as well). Using small clamps tighten the two pieces of wood and let it dry for a day.

5. Buff up the surface using Buffing hand tool.

7. Apply any wood polish with a clean cloth, then sand it with 300 grit sand paper in horizontal way only. Repeat this process for more than 3 times for a mate finish. I had to use the glossy polish for reasons.., but you can directly use a mate wooden polish or a wood wax for similar mate finish.

For further aesthetics, you can use coffee powder with coconut oil. By rubbing it in a circular motion in the raw wood. it gives you a darker shade of the wood.

Step 3: Metal Cutting (Iron Rectangular Tube)

1. MS Rectangular tube :

(1050 mm, 160 mm, 760 mm, 300 mm and 760 mm) x 2 set (for 2 legs).

2. MS Square Rectangular tube:(to hold the two legs)

1020 mm is to be cut 6 times. (connecting beams to the legs for further stability).

Step 4: Welding the Frame

Before you start welding make sure things are properly setup at both the welder and on the piece you are about to weld.

1. Weld the 45 angle joints, of both the legs and see that it stands on its own, then continue with the beams. Beams will be easier to weld as it is a perpendicular weld.

2. Grind down the weld for a smooth surface with metal cutter or sander.

3. Drill holes in the metal for the wood to connect with the metal base.

Step 5: Spray Paint the Metal Base

The first thing you need to do is clean. The cleaning is very basic and all you really have to do is wipe all of the dust. You then have to wipe all of that of with your dry towel.

1. Now the primer has to be applied, i.e. red oxide for the metal to not rust and then let it dry for a day (drying depends upon the weather).

2. Apply the first coat of black spray paint. I suggest two coats of spray paint. This will seal the metal off from the elements very well. When you spray, being about 1 ft away from your surface seems good. Make an even coating. Second coat being the final coat has to be evenly sprayed and let it dry for another day(drying depends upon the weather).

Step 6: Assembly

Most of the work is done.

1. So, get ready and assemble wood to the metal base with wood screw of length- 1 inch.

I have used 24 screws, you can definitely use more for extra stability.

2. You can also use black rectangular Non Slip Felt Pad, Non Skid Floor Protector.

Step 7: Customisable Features

Table Z has an additional feature of adding a storage or even have a bulletin board to pin up cool stuff..

I have made the the basic structure because i like to keep it minimal. But you can add up for sure...:D

Step 8: Enjoy the Result!

That’s it! Your Table z is now ready! Enjoy the way it looks and work with your buddies together. Good luck!