Table-chair From Scrap

Introduction: Table-chair From Scrap

Make this simple Table chair arrangement to reuse waste material in a proper a way. Students from Vigyan ashram- DIY Lab, Pune made this in scrap revolution contest .Following are the building steps,please go through it.

Step 1: Material and Tools

Any scrap bank fulfills our material requirement..please follow a list.

1. Waste Tyre of same size : 1/chair

2. Wire Bobbins(small): 1/chair

3. Big wire bobbin for table

4.Waste plywood sheet.

5.Screws, Nut bolts

6. Col ours (three or four different)

7.Wooden Blocks.


1.Jig saw

2.Drilling Machine




Step 2: Wash and Clean All Scrap Material

Before start to build a unit we have to wash all material which comes from scrap,as sometimes its covered with mud and dust .Whatever part which is not required just remove it.

Step 3: Chair Building

After cleaning take a one Tyre which have a same diameter of selected bobbin.First up all cut plywood sheet in size which is similar to diameter of tyre and which covers its upper portion as shown if Figure.Fix this cutted plywood sheet on tyre with screws.

After that keep tyre on selected size bobbin and fix it from bottom side through screws with the help of Screw driver and Hammer .For strength give two or three supports to the bobbin with wooden blocks.Fix those wooden blocks with nails to it.After that co lour it with different shades and get your own chair through scrap.Now build up two or three more chairs as per requirement.

Step 4: Table Building

For table we require one big size bobbin ,which is neat and cleaned.Its already looks like a table so there is no need to change any shape of this ;only we have to decorate it.As per our requirement we can adjust height of table with fixing wooden blocks at the bottom.After that co lour it and take for a use.

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    Wow these are awesome looking, and such a great use for unused wood! I love how colorful they are too, so inviting! Welcome to instructables!