Introduction: Table for Your Feet and Legs

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Welcome to my instructalbe

Step 1: Because the Pdf Does Not Work I Copy the Steps Here

How to make a table for your feet’s and legs!

Materials needed: Wood







Step 2: ​Step1.

Look first at the picture and the materials. Then, look if you have all the materials that you need. After that look at the pictures and make the same figures, make sure you have the same sizes and measurements as on the pictures. The fullness needs to be 2cm thick of each plate/ figure.

Step 3: Step2.

When you have the same measurements as on the picture, slide figure A into figure B.

Step 4: Step3.

Make in figure C has a plus figure in it of 1 cm deep at the bottom, you need to have one 1cm between the edges and figure C. After that you can put figure C on the figures A and B

Step 5: Step4.

Does it work?

Test it!

sorry for all the problem, because I do not know if the file with all the steps works, so I have put all the steps here.