Introduction: Tablesaw Mod - Increase Safety While Expanding Features

By simply cutting the top of your riving knife you can expand the capabilities of your tablesaw by being able to make non through cuts such as rabates, dados box joints and many more, while still having safety of the riving knife. it is possible to re-cut the holes to reattach the blade guard if you so so wish to for regular cuts.

Check out my video here

Step 1: Mark It

A good trick for marking of what you want trim off is to raise the blade down so it is inline with the pencil then using the tablesaw top as a reference slide the pencil over and scribe a line.

Step 2: Cut It, Grind It.

using a hacksaw trimmed the riving knife, an angle grinder would have been handy but i mine is currently broke, then flatten the top with a sharpening stone and bench griner and ease the edges.

Step 3: Install It, Align It, Use It !

install your riving knife and you may want to lower it so the blade sticks above the knife by 2mm or so but see what works best for you have fun and be safe check out my video here