Introduction: Tablet Docking Station

Docking station for Tablet has the following features:

Display out to the LCD TV

Audio out for TV

Audio out for External Speakers (USB speakers attached to Docking Station)

Connected to Bluetooth Mouse via the Micro USB port.

Power supply for Tablet and Speakers.

Its a great fun to watch the on TV the Internet Videos, play games with the help of wireless mouse and play music through its speakers.

And the tablet can be disconnected anytime or plugged back in.

Step 1: Parts

1: Tablet (standard with mini/micro HDMI out port, Mini/micro USB port, headphone socket, power input socket).

2: USB powered laptop Speakers.

3: 2 X power supply/charger for Tablet and USB Speakers.

4: Connector : Mini/micro HDMI to regular HDMI

5: Epoxy Glue

6: Cardboard or Aluminium board for Structure/Casing

8: Small nuts and bolts to hold the structure together.

9: 220 volts power cord to connect the USB chargers to main supply.

Step 2: Steps

Unfortunately pictures were taken after the docking station was built so it could be difficult to follow.

Step 1: Insert all connectors and cables into their respective sockets and put epoxy in such a way that it connects all the connectors vertically (don't glue the the tablet). This would become the single docking port after the glue solidifies.

Step 2: Prepare the docking structure as per your design and attach the docking port to the structure through nut and bolts.

Step 3: Attach the Speakers on the structure and connect power supply to the power cord.

Step 4: Attach the connectors (TV HDMI cable, USB Bluetooth mouse receiver, speaker jack)

Step 4: Connect the Tablet to internet (wifi) and test all sound and video)

The technique could be adapted to build any Tablet docking station.