Introduction: Tablet Mount for Ukulele Music

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Instead of using sheet music I chose to use PDF files.

The project began with a pre-loved music stand with the book holder section removed.

The tablet mount was designed to suit my 10 inch tablet PC

The photos are very self explanatory

The mount was printed on my Ender-3 printer

The mount is made in 2 parts and glued together.

The STL files are included.

Step 1: Original Music Stand

Top of original stand with book mount removed

Step 2: Tablet Mount Fitted to Music Stand

Tablet mount fitted to music stand.

Step 3: Tablet PC Mounted

Step 4: 3D STL Printing Files

Ender 3 printer

PLA filament used. 0.2mm layer height

Design fits Aldi 10inch tablet. May require adjusting for other tablets

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