Introduction: Archos 9 Case Tablet Pc Case

Creating an Archos 9 Tablet PC case from a cd/dvd case and some materials.
i used
1X cd/dvd dual case
1X Sissors
1X super glue
1X cotten thread
1X needle
1 meter of silk(way more than needed)
1 meter of padding(way more than needed)
5X Velcro tabs
1X Mini keyboard.

it did take an hour to two to complete mostly because i was hand sewing but if you have a machine you can probably do this quicker.

this is my first instructable so if anything is wrong dont flame! :)

Step 1: Removing Cd Wallets From the Case

Firstly cut out the cd wallets from inside the dual cd/dvd case.

Step 2: Added Padding

Now cut some padding to the correct size of the cd/dvd case.

Step 3: Glue the Wool Inside the Case

now take some glue and glue this inside of the case 

Step 4: Now to Make It Pretty

now i bought some silk from a materials shop for £2(thats about $2.30) for 1 meter, cut it to the size of your cd/dvd wallet and sew it into the case.
then add some velcro tabs to the top of the wallet and add some onto the tablet pc(archos 9 in this case) i used 5 as these seemed enough to support it. 

Step 5: Pop on the Keyboard Into the Bottom Half

add the mini keyboard to the bottom half and bam... your done.
if you want a stand use your imagination.