Tablet Wood Cover With Grip




Introduction: Tablet Wood Cover With Grip

I didn't find a hard cover for the tablet that i use at work. So i decided to bild it. It took 4 or 5 hour ti finish.
At first you need:
Playwood 8mm, because the tablet is 7mm thick.
Bike inner tube
Some tiny screws
Water based primer/stain
Vinyl glue

The main idea is to made it with the lowest budget and as fast as possible.
And to have a secure enclosure for the device.

Step 1: Prototyping With Cardboard

Simple and cheap with cardboard you can make a sort of shape/silhouette of what you will make.
After that bring the draw to the plywood, saw it and smooth it.
You need three pieces, one for the bottom, one for the front cover And the last for lodging .

Step 2: Glue

Next step consist to glue together the bottom and the housing for the tablet.
If you meet extra access holes for pressing button or access to the USB port, cut out the needed pieces, before the glueing.

Step 3: Camera Hole

If you need a hole for the camera make it large enough to don't see the border in the photos

Step 4: Stain

It's simple: follow the instructions of the can. If you don't have a brush it will work also with a sponge.
I used a single hand, and the result was a little rough. For me it was enough.
Let it dry and than continue...

Step 5: Hinge

For the hinges I used old bike inner tube.cut it the right length and with. Find something to hold them in place and screw them with the closed cover. Something like a metal plate.

Even to hold the tablet at place I used the inner tube. Cut some long strings and try to don't hinder the devices operations like front camera, light sensor, touchscreen or buttons.
If the tablet is overheating think of doing some holes in the back of the wood.
To protect the screen glue some fabric on the cover side.

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    Sturdy design. I need to make one of these for my tablet. Then it will never break.


    Reply 6 years ago

    at work they say: "buy one, you will refunded" looked around but nothing in the budged and with the strength I need at work. with this I got one inch wood protection on every side of the tablet. I will personalize it on the top with some engraving. I will post future modifications.
    thanks you all for interesting


    6 years ago

    is that felt as a screen protector in the second photo of step 5?


    Reply 6 years ago

    yes, I had some remains around. but I think any soft fabric that can glued with vinyl glue will do it.