Tablet/Phone Stand Portable

Introduction: Tablet/Phone Stand Portable

This is a tablet/phone holder that I have made. I have this problem where I am trying to watch something but I didn't want to hold it so I came up with this. This is something that is pretty easy to make and it is very helpful.


To make this you will need an computer, a 3D printer, 3D filament, tinkercad or 3D software, time, your brain, and a tablet or phone.

Step 1: The Frame

The frame is what will hold the kickstand and also hold you tablet or phone it is pretty easy to build. You will need supports for this build.

Step 2: Building the Frame

To build the frame you will need a square and then take two more cubes and turn them into a rectangle, make the rectangles clear and place them near the sides of the solid square and subtract them so you will end up with a square that has a bar down the middle of it and nothing on the left or right. Make sure that you have some space on the ends of the square. You will need two more squares and then make them into a rectangle so they fit inside the empty areas of the frame. When the rectangles fit turn them at around 15 degrees or you can keep them how they are, the rectangle should be in the top 3rd of the empty rectangle. Do not merge these rectangles to it yet and now you will need the ring shape and make it the length of the bottom off the frame. Take one more rectangle and make it clear and put over the ring so it's half a ring and subtract it. Now you have a half ring and you put it right on the bottom of the frame merge it to the frame so if the frame is laying flat the C shape is curving towards the top.

Step 3: The Kickstand

The kickstand is a thing that folds out of the frame to hold it up this is very easy to make and it also doesn't need supports as well.

Step 4: Building the Kickstand

To build the kickstand you will need the triangle and a cube. Take the cube and make it clear and bring on the top of the triangle so the top of the triangle is flat then subtract it. All you have to do is take a cylinder and make it small enough so it is centered in the top of the triangle where it's flat, copy and paste the cylinder make it clear and make it bigger than the first cylinder on all the sides so the first cylinder can fit inside the second one.

Step 5: Putting It All Together

Now you got the frame the kickstand and a clear cylinder. Take the clear cylinder and bring it to the frame and place it in the center of it so it is on the center bar an inside the two rectangles that you haven't merged yet make sure the cylinder fits. Then bring the kickstand over to the frame and see if the cylinder on the kickstand meets up with the clear cylinder also make sure the kickstand is all the way on the frame. Copy and paste the kickstand and make the copy clear take the clear one and place it over the frame and bring it down subtract it and then you should have a hole in the center of the two rectangles and have an indent of the kickstand on it. Then you can bring the kickstand back and place where it's supposed to be and you have an tablet/phone/Nintendo switch holder.

Step 6: Conclusion

This is how I made an tablet holder so hope you enjoyed it and here is the file for my kickstand if you want it. Also right below this is a time lapse of it getting 3D printed!

Step 7: File

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    2 years ago

    Was this designed to look like a Decepticon, or is it just me? :)