Introduction: Tabletop Hydroponics With 3D Printed Ebb and Flow Fittings

This compact tabletop hydroponics planter is quick and easy to make. It's perfect for a small to medium plant in 5" grow basket, 4" rockwool block. It uses the tried and true ebb and flow method.

Step 1: Material and Tools

  • Two Ikea TILLSLUTA containers, top: 402.574.99, bottom: 802.574.97
  • Submersible pump, 12V DC, with its power supply
  • Hose: 5/16" inner diameter, 7/16" outter diameter. it should fit the output of the pump.
  • Timer
  • Strong waterproof glue
  • Tools: drills to make 1/2" holes.
  • 3D printed fittings, you can download the model here

Step 2: Instruction Video

Step 3: Setup and Enjoy

Here's updated picture of this same plant under grow light in the winter after one month. I set up timer to flood nutrients four times a day (only during day light)


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