Introduction: Tabletop LED Lamp

Ever feel bored or stressed out at the office or at home? Then build this simple electronic Tabletop LED Lamp. Just press the button and watch the lamp light up and turn off again. I am told that it is very effective, i personally have not tried it yet.

Ultra bright LED - I got mine in bulk from India but they are available at RadioShack and online
Battery Holders - I got them from
Base - Mine is a scrap stone base from family business but you can use anything you like
Switch - Again in bulk from India but are avaliable at RadioShack and online
Some type of clear rings - I used those rings used to hang scarfs
Duct tape (Any color)
PVC Pipe or any type of tubing
Wire Strippers
Soldering Iron
Felt (Optional)

Step 1: Make Your LED Lamb

I don't really have a step-by-step for this because I made it a few months ago when I was bored. Basically you would super glue the rings together and then attach them to the cardboard covered with duct tape. Also make sure that you put the LED into one of the cardboard pieces so the leads are exposed (this will be the bottom). To add an artistic effect you can take thread and thread it though the corners of the lamp.

Step 2: Tower

Get a piece of PVC or any type of tubing and cut it to the desired length (I cut mine to roughly 1.5"). Once that is done spray paint it any color you like. then super glue it to the bottom of the lamp. Before that remember to attach the wires to the lamp and solder them in place (Believe me it'll save you sometime if you do that first).

Step 3: Switch Time

Now before you attach the switch, super glue the tower to the base. Then wire up the switch, connecting one end to the battery and the other to the LED lamp. Once it's all soldered super glue the switch to the base and tuck all excess wire into the tube with pliers (Be careful when doing this the lamp may come off if glue is not completely dry).

Step 4: Final Product

Once you are done you can attach some felt to the bottom of you so your tabletop doesn't get scratched. Since the lamp was going to be on a granite table in our showroom, attaching felt helps prevent the two stone pieces from damaging each other. Then just press the button and light up the WORLD!!! (In the immediate area of course).
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