Introduction: Tabule

The origin of this salad is Syria and Lebanon. Tabule is mostly served in Meze (selection of small dishes served as a course or as appetizers). The main ingredients are tomato, parsley and bulgur.

Step 1: Tabule Ingredients

· 3 big bunch of parsley

· ¼ tomato

· 2 escallion

· ¼ fine bulgur (one cup)

· ½ olive oil

· 2 lemon (fresh pressed lemon juice)

· One spoon and half- salt

· Half bunch of peppermint

· Pinch of pepper

· Head of lettuce (optional)

Step 2: Tools

  • Cutting board
  • knife
  • big bowl
  • juicer presser

Step 3: What Are the Steps of Doing the Salad?


1. Wash the all the vegetables really good, so that the dirty is aways- then dry it till it is not wet anymore

2. Cut the parsley/pepper mint fine

3. Then you tale the ¼ bulgur and wash it with water.

4. Then put the bulgur in water with a touch of pressed lemon juice for about 5 min and then stir them so it gets soft.

5. Cut the tomato and the escallion in small pieces which can be see in the picture above

6. After you have cut all the vegetables you put the cutted parsley and peppermint in a bowl

7. Put then the bulgur, salt, pepper, olive oil and lemon juice in to. Be aware to put only salt, pepper or lemon juice as how you like it. So better ask before

8. Then stir them Together good

9. At the end put the tomato and the scallion together and then mix them all together

10. Then if you have your salad ready you can eat your Tabule with Head of lettuce which is optional