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Introduction: Fishing Tackle Protection

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you've spent a small fortune filling your tacklebox with all the hooks, leaders, lures, do dads, thing-a-ma-jigs, and whatcha-ma-call-its you need to catch all the aquatic creatures you've ever dreamed of.

Now it is time to keep them safe from corrosion and organized so you can actually use them on your next aquatic excursion instead of just drowning worms, creating recyclables, and finding a shady spot to sit in all while you see how far apart you can spread your hands to tell all your friends at work how big the one that got away was.

Fishing tackle is second only to strings of Christmas lights in their ability to be put away neatly and then the next time you go to use them they are a tangled mess.

Step 1: Snelled Hook Storage

I used to use a snelled hook holder, but I had a few problems with it.

1 the leaders on the hooks would sometimes be too long or too short to line up to the pre-cut hook holes resulting in lines that were either too loose and easily knocked off the holder, or to tight and would get weak spots worn into the line (right where it attaches to the line on the pole.)

2 the spring loaded retention hooks are a figurative and sometime literal pain when you are retracting them to get the snelled hook off the holder

3 getting the hooks into the holder is super easy. getting them out .. well that's a horse of a different color.

4 it doesn't fit into any of my compartment tackle boxes.

Time to find another way to do it.

First stop is your local pharmacy.

Don't look at me like that .. I'm in the right Instructable. Hear me out.

Grab a package of pill pouches.

Sure they were designed for keeping your daily medication safe and organized .. So why can't they do the same job for your tackle?

each pill pouch is a 2"x3" zippered bag and you can pick up a package of 50 for less than 2 dollars at most pharmacies.

I label the bags with a sharpie based on what size hook it contains.

Step 2: Swivels and Snaps

I will leave small hardware like swivels and snaps in the original packaging until I have to open the package to use one. Once the package gets opened the rest get transferred into a pill pouch and I will cut the basic info from the packaging and include it in the pouch.

Step 3: Specialty Hooks

Offset worm hooks no yet embedded into a rubber (or real) worm. Treble hooks of various sizes and finishes.

All neatly tucked away patiently waiting their turn.

Aside from the obvious organization benefit of the pouches, they offer a second equal if not more important aspect. They keep your tackle dry even if water manages to sneak its way into your tacklebox. Your goal is to catch fish .. not give them a terminal case of tetanus.

Step 4: Some Other Ideas

I had my 6/0 hooks that I use for catching catfish on a large safety pin until it gave up the ghost. Of course the safety pin decided to give up the ghost mid fishing trip. So, necessity being the mother of invention, I bent the barb down on one hook and I was able to store the rest of my hooks onto that one modified hook. They have been there ever since.

Another way to keep things sorted and organized is to get a stacking organizer like the one pictured. With the exception of the top container that has a screw on lid, each container is the lid for the container below it. They come in assorted diameters and depths so find the ones that fit you needs best.

But what about the tackle and lures that won't fit into a water tight container? Easy. Just make a satchel of Inexpensive Desiccant and toss it into your tackle box to soak up any moisture that sneaks in to try and rust your precious tackle into oblivion.

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