Taco Soup

Introduction: Taco Soup

A thick Mexican soup, best with tortilla chips and a beer. Image heavy instructions.

Step 1: Ingredients

I generally use a little extra of everything. There's plenty of wiggle room. You can easily change the hamburger for ground turkey or chicken. Sticking to the recipe, though - You will need: - ½ lb hamburger - ½ medium onion - 1 tbsp taco seasoning mix - ½ cup salsa - 1 15 oz can stewed tomatoes - ½ 15 oz can kidney beans - ½ 15 oz can sweet corn - ½ 8 oz can tomato sauce - ½ cup water - ½ cup grated cheddar cheese - ¼ cup sour cream - 1 bag tortilla chips (scoops work best)

Step 2: Chop Onion

A rough chop is fine. However you prefer. Try not to cry.

Step 3: Brown Meat

Brown the meat and saute the onions together. Mix it up.

Step 4: Add Seasoning

Add the taco seasoning and stir well, coating the meat. Remove from heat.

Step 5: Open Cans

Open all the cans. Careful not to cut yourself. Do NOT drain anything.

Step 6: Stewed Tomatoes

In a large pot, begin combining the entire can of stewed tomatoes..

Step 7: Tomato Sauce

..all the tomato sauce..

Step 8: Corn Juice

..drain all the corn juice into the pot..

Step 9: Corn

..add half the can of corn.

Step 10: Drain Kidney Beans

Drain all the juice from the kidney beans.

Step 11: Rinse

Rinse the beans until clean.

Step 12: Beans

Add half the can of kidney beans.

Step 13: Salsa

Add 1/2 cup of salsa of your choice. I usually use Pace picante sauce.

Step 14: Water

Add water to reach desired consistency.

Step 15: Meat Mix

Add the meat mixture. Stir well.

Step 16: Heat

Simmer mixture for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Step 17: Serve

Top with cheese and sour cream. Serve with tortilla chips and, if you're old enough, your choice of liquor.

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    Tip 2 years ago on Step 17

    Looks yummy. Just a thought - you could use V8 juice in place of all the different juices and stewed tomatoes.