Introduction: Tactical Para Cord Lanyard

  • the Approximate cord used.

300 ft black 550 cord
100 ft zombie 550 cord (two tone green/purple)
75 ft lime green 550 cord 
25 ft pink 550 cord 
10 ft Imperial red nano cord (1.18mm)


  • Hardwear
  • stainless steel D ring
  • 3/4 inch plastic buckle
  • quick connect/release key chain

Step 1: Setup

first, you will start with a 4 core double cows hitch on the one end of the buckle after that you are ready to start your weave.

Step 2: Weave

The total length is 48 inches. what I did was break it in 3rds with the first section and last section having a modified dragon knuckle and the middle section a modified king cobra knot

Step 3: Add On

I added a 6-inch tether with quick release for fast access to accessories and a D ring for mounting