Tactical Toolkit From a Band-aid Can




Introduction: Tactical Toolkit From a Band-aid Can

I have seen several youtube videos and instructables on how turn an altoid can into a survival kit or first aid kit. Though this may work for some, I believe I have found something that works better for my purposes. The clam shell action of the altoid container in a way places some of the volume in the lid, this may take away from the overall capacity. Another thing that I have noticed is that their are other, larger containers that are easily available.

Step 1: Bigger Is Better

I found an old metal band aid container to be better. (not sure if you can buy them this way anymore but you can try looking around an old general store, or your grandpa's garage.

I like it because it seems to be a little tougher and it is definitely larger than the altoid can.

Step 2: Grab a Band Aid Tin

I understand that this could be easier said than done. Perhaps you can find a container with similar dimensions and durability.

Assuming one is available to you in some way, grab a band aid can.

Step 3: Gather Contents

Next gather the items that you want to include in your can. You may want to place your larger items up next to the can to make sure they will fit and that the can will close securely. I will be using mine along with my LBE ( load bearing equipment) and my condor urban go bag ( highly recommended bag, cheaperthandirt.com). Since I have an AK 47 (wasr 10 63) I will of course include my AK buttstock cleaning kit. I'm also packing extra batteries and spare parts including a firing pin.

You can make a different kits to fit your camping or tactical needs-

first aid items
other tactical items
camping kit
sewing kit
fire starting kit

Other things that you may want to include to fit your needs.

Rem wipes ( I will probably add these to mine)
sewing needles
small spools of thread
bandages (why would you put these in a band aid can right?)
alcohol swabs
fingernail clippers
signal mirror

another tip:

You may want to stuff some lint or a piece of fabric to keep small metal parts from clanging together if noise is a factor.

Step 4: Plastic Bags

Place small or similar items in plastic bags. This will keep your can organized and easier to reassemble later.

Step 5: Throw It All in the Can and Have Fun

Then just put everything in the can and make use of it, store it, give it, or hide it, whatever.

Also it is kinda ugly unless it is going to be used for first aid because it already has a red cross on it.
So paint it or use some of that form wrap, don't know about form wrap? look it up.

If you make a cool can, send me a pic and let me see it.

thanks for reading my first inscrutable.

Step 6:

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    dungeon runner

    Most people on this site haven"t realized that you are never going to fit everything you need to survive in an altoids tin. My idea is to use a different tin for different needs, (First aid, shelter, fire starting) label them clearly, and shove them in a lunchbox or something of the like. Nice instructable.


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    That's a clever idea, compartmentalization with Altoids tins...


    12 years ago on Step 5

    you can also probably wrap a lot of rope around that sucker. and rope is always a nice thing to have =]


    Reply 12 years ago on Step 5

    good thinking! Trusty paracord would work a dream,


    9 years ago on Introduction

    I would not put that battery in with metal stuff, that or wrap the battery in tape. Coin cells short FAST.

    I was going to reply to "dungeon runner" but the reply button is missing on his and "die_dunkelheit's" comments!

    @ "dungeon runner"
    That's exactly what I do! I have about 7-8 Altoids tins in different sizes.
    2 fire tins
    2 multipurpose tins (a little bit of everything sewing needles, razors, fishing hooks, a bit of candle, tiny compass, water purification tables, ECT)
    1 fishing tin
    2 first aid tins

    The reason for two of some is that I carry a big back pack, but often leave it at the camp site and carry a much smaller bag with only the necessities. The big one has lots of rope, knives, axe, gloves, trash bags, tinder, wire, lots of the big stuff.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    nice, i am thinking about buying an AK from a friend soon!


    12 years ago on Introduction

    And don't forget the duct tape. The height of the can looks like a perfect size for a few turns of duct tape. I carry my SKS cleaning kit in the butt of the rifle. ;)