Introduction: Taffy Twist Rainbow Loom

About: Name: Ashley

Step 1: Outside

Place any colour around the loom. Make sure u place both of the rubber bands (right side and left side) at the same time (see picture)

Step 2: Figure 8's

Place the rubber bands (twisted) on the loom (see picture)

Step 3: Second Layer

Add a second layer of the figure 8's. Add another twisted rubber band on top of the twisted rubber bands or "8's" from the previous step.

Step 4: Capping Band

Place a capping band at the end of the loom.

Step 5: Hooking

Hook the outside (white) like u r hooking a single. Drag the rubber band over to peg it belongs to.

Step 6: Pulling It Off

Pull it off!! Add a clip and ur done!!

Step 7: Extension

This is totally optional but if you feel that it's too tight, add a few rubber bands as an extension.