Introduction: Taiwan Guide Map (Arduino)

Taiwan, the country that I live in for 15 years. Therefore, I decided to make an impressive device to commemorate my country. The device I gonna represent is 4 LEDs lights with switches and 4 intros about Taiwan. The making process won't be difficult, but it will repeat similar steps over and over again. Although it will cause you to do a similar step for many times, but it is quite simple and easy for everyone.

Step 1: Step 1: Prepare the Materials

- One Arduino Leonardo

- Breadboard

- Generic jumper wires

- 220-ohm resistor x3 and 330-ohm resistor x3

- x3 LEDs with different color

- x3 switches

- x1 carton box

- x1 Utility knife

Step 2: Step 2: Making Exterior of the Device

- Cut the carton into two pieces

- One for making the box to cover the breadboard, another for making Taiwan map

- After finish making Taiwan map divided it into North region, Central region, South region

- Drilled a small hole ( that can just right size with the LED lights ) in every region

Step 3: Step 3: Create the Circuit

Copy the code:

- Use 4 generic jumper wires respectively connect to Pin 2, Pin 6, 5V, GND, and also take an LED, a switch installed in the breadboard

- Take another wire installed in switch anode, the wire connections with Pin 2 installed the switch's cathode

- Connect the resistor next to the switch

- Use the wire, which connects with Pin 6, connects with LED light

- Connect the LED with the resistor

- Take a wire to connect with the resistor's cathode and cathode

- Repeat those simple steps another 2 times