Take Along Dollhouse

Introduction: Take Along Dollhouse

About: I'm a stay at home mom to 4 kids. I love to do crafts.

I created this take along dollhouse using worsted weight yarn and size F crochet hook (except for people who are made with baby yarn and size 4 hook)

Step 1: Make Wall

74 double crochet x 12 rows (slip stitch for windows on one row and chain across opening for next row)

Step 2: Mark Placement for Floor

Count over 18 stitches from each end and place pin. 

Step 3: Make Floor

Attach yarn and crochet in front loop only.

Step 4: Front Flap

36 stiches x 10 rows for the floor + 36 stitches x 12 rows for the front.  (I did them attached by using only the front loop when transitioning, but you could do them separate and sew them together) 

Step 5: Make the Ceiling

36 stitches x 10 rows sewn to the top edge.

Step 6: Make Middle Floor

36 stitches x 10 rows sewn at middle of wall (6 rows)

Step 7: Make Center Walls

11 stitches x 8 rows sewn in middle of middle floor

Step 8: Sew Walls to Floor and Ceiling

Step 9: Sew Side Walls

Step 10: Make Roof Peaks

17 stitches x 7 rows with decrease on both sides of each row.

Step 11: Make Roof

36 stitches x 14 rows

Step 12: Sew Roof

Step 13: Make Handle

I made my handle to look like a vine growing on the house

Step 14: My House Was Sagging

The weight of the house was making it sag

Step 15: Fix Sag!

I got brown pipe cleaners, folded them in half and twisted them

Step 16: Sew on Pipe Cleaners

I added the pipe cleaners to the 4 corners of the house + the fronts of the interior walls

Step 17: Sag Fixed!

Step 18: Make Furnishings

Step 19: Attic

When I sewed on the roof, I left an opening in the front to create an attic to store objects.

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