Introduction: Take Selfies in the Dark

Have you ever wanted to take selfies in areas that are not well lit with your iPod/iPhone/iPad?
Here is a simple trick that takes better pictures in dim places. I believe this is caused by more pixels on the screen which are white as the black ones are replaced by them due to the color invert. This causes more intense light to be present (that's my theory anyways) You can even test this on your own using a few steps. I'm not sure if this works with regular non-selfie pictures though.
It's not the most useful thing ever, but it's fun :)
This is my first instructible by the way.

Step 1: Locate the "inverted Colors" Option

I found mine in settings >general >accessibility >invert colors. It may be activated on some devices via a triple home button click. Now select the "On" option. Your screen will look something like this:

Step 2: How to Test This

I have found that for some reason, inverted colors takes clearer pictures in the dark. First find a dark place. The easiest would be to just pull a blanket over your head and device.

Step 3: Photo A

Take a a selfie photo with the front camera and inverted colors off. Looks all black right? Like expected. Hmmmm...

Step 4: Photo B

Now, repeat the previous steps, but with inverted colors on. Switch inverted colors off and look at the picture you took. Perfectly clear right? Weird huh?

Step 5: Take Selfies

Who needs light anyways? Have fun :)