Introduction: Take Amazing Macro Pics With Any Camera Phone Camera... Especially an IPhone

Ever wanted to get one of those amazing close up photos ... the one that says... WOW!?

... with a camera phone camera no less!?

Basically, this is an augmentation addon for any camera phone camera to magnify your existing camera lens to take awesome close up macro photography for less than ... well FREE.

For this Instructable you'll need:
1) Old DVD player (that you won't mind destroying)
2) a little cardboard (think cereal box top)
3) cellophane tape

Total cost of this Instructable is FREE (assuming you have an old DVD player)

Step 1: This ISN'T the One You Need But ...

You will need to remove the lens from the "bowels" of the dvd play. The one that focuses the DVD's laser beam for reading the DVD.... be careful. There are actually two (2) lenses inside a DVD player...


Step 2: Assembled and Ready to Go

After locating and removing the actual lens. Sorry, no pics of the one you need, BUT... it looks just like the one pictured previously... only it's housed all by itself. You will know it when you see it.

In this image, I've folded over a box top from a Canon paper carton (so, by default this makes it a Canon lens!) and poked a hole in the end to hold the lens. I then taped the folded over ends to secure the lens inside.

Step 3: What Is It?

Once that is complete... just hold the lens over your camera lens... move the camera and lens together. steadying the lens as best as possible as you get it REALLY close (this takes a steady hand, but is worth the effort) and "CLICK"

This image taken with the lens about 1/16 inch from the subject ...

Step 4: Know Wht It Is Now?

And without the lens....

Hint: It is on every pen before you use it

Step 5: Almost the $$$ Shot

Before... taken with an iPhone 3G, at maximum close focus...

Step 6: $$$$$$

.... and with the handy FREE DVD (Canon :) ) Macro for camera phone lens

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