Introduction: Take Better Pictures of Objects Using Household Cameras

Sometimes while making projects or selling items, a good picture can make all the difference. In this instructable, I'll show some techniques that require not so expensive resources for pictures and also how to take macros of small objects.

Step 1: Materials

A white background

A tripod


Light source


Photo Editing App like Snapseed



Macro Lens

Step 2: The Setup

Setup the white background and put the subject on the white surface.

If the shadows appear,switch on the light array.

Step 3: Editing the Picture: on the Phone

There are many apps out there but Snapseed is a good free alternative for editing pictures.

Go to Add Effect > Tune Image

Press the magic wand and it will fix the contrast, brightness, etc.

Step 4: Editing the Picture: on the Phone (2)

Step 5: Editing on the Computer

Step 6: Bonus: Using Macro Lens

Macro lenses are available as clip-on lenses in the market.They have no manual focus so you'll have to get close to the subject to capture the picture.

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