Introduction: Takeaway Breakfast

Make the night before or in the morning for a quick Hassel free healthy breakfast.

Step 1: Container and Ingredients

I'm using an empty 500g jar of coconut oil, it's a perfect size for plenty of food and is Recycling which is always positive and more importantly I don't have to buy a container.

porridge oats
coconut milk or almond milk (even regular milk will do)
frozen fruit (I used berries here)
honey (depending on the fruit used these berries can be a bit sharp)
natural yogurt
Quantities would be personal preference. for example my boyfriend doesn't like the porridge oats soggy at the bottom so he skips these all together.
I on the other hand just mix the lot before I eat so don't notice the "sog"

Step 2: Store and Eat

You can make it the night before, keep in the fridge and by the morning the berries would have defrosted nicely.

I like to make in the morning (6am)screw the lid on and take to work with me. by the time I start getting hungry at about 9-10am everything has defrosted and is still nice and chilled.

If I have breakfast when I wake up I'm hungry again by 9 but I'm not hungry when I wake up and happily go until 9-10 before I feel the need to eat. it's all personal preference.