Introduction: Taking the Best Pictures With Least Baggage

The biggest demerit of having a massive baggage of camera and lenses. A huge photography enthusiast can make more mistakes and hurt his back and stay in a continuous state of horror and tension, when it comes to travelling. This is an old image, at the present moment I have around 10 Lenses and 2 SLR bodies and a tripod. But carrying it all together is impossible, you need to travel light and tension free and still be able to take the best images on the go.

Step 1: Choose a Body

Choose the cheapest and the most reliable body which is available in the market I prefer Cannon over any other brand as it gives you the widest range of Bodies and the widest, most compatible and most cost effective range. I choose T3 (1200D). You can choose any other camera body as you choose.

Step 2: Selection of Lens

I have a wide range of lens one for every occasion. You can at times go greedy over which lens to choose and which you should leave behind. As i needed to travel light and still be able to take amazing shots. I needed the most versatile lens. The best solution for me was 24 mm Lens. I will say no more the images will say for itself.

The lightest combination of body and camera available. As both of them are compact i just needed to carry a back pack 3 t shirts and 2 jeans. I was ready to move. With a battle of water in one hand and a tripod hanging on the backpack i got it all

Step 3:

The camera has Stunning macro capabilities it comes in hand at many micro moments where i needed to focus. With a fast ASTM focus it is a gem to use.

Step 4: Perfect for Capturing Nature

It has the most prettiest wide angle which helps me capture the most stunning images.

Step 5: Night Shots Are Amazing

With a the wide aperture of 2.8 and a tripod i took amazing set of images.

Step 6: It Comes Handy for Street Photography

With a good range and a lot of practice you can easily achieve amazingly pretty images of people. In addition to that in closed quarters where you can not get a full image you can capture a series and later convert them into a panorama.

As per the body it gives you a good flexibility to change modes which are decent enough. Not all the fancy, keeps it light and it also aided me to take nearly 3000 images in 15 days. I went to 4 different states and traveled on car, bus and train.

Wish this tips helps you take one of the best images and videos.