Introduction: Talkative Automation || Audio From Arduino || Voice Controlled Automation || HC - 05 Bluetooth Module

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In this video we have built a Talkative Automation..

When you will send a voice command via mobile then it will turn on home devices and send feedback in voice.

Like "TV on"

"fan on"

We have use SD card module to interface micro sd card and get audio output.

Many of People want to interface the SD card with arduino or want some audio output via arduino.

So here is easiest and cheapest way to interface SD card with arduino . you can use the audio output from arduino via a switch or sensor . you can play any type of sound ,music and recording but that audio will be in to .wav file. If it is in .mp3 or any other audio type then we will convert it into .wav file.

Step 1: Requirements

  1. Arduino uno
  2. 10mm led
  3. 2x16 lcd
  4. Bc547 transistor
  5. AC supply Bulb
  6. 220ohm Resistor
  7. Female audio jack
  8. 5v exhaust fan
  9. Woofer / audio amplifier
  10. 5v relay
  11. External 5v adapter
  12. SD card module with sd card
  13. 10k Potentiometer
  14. HC-05 Bluetooth module

Step 2: Go and Watch This Video

Go and watch this video or click on instructable link,

Where I explained how to interface sd card with arduino,

How to install tmrpcm library and

How to insert audio in SD card....

Link :--

Step 3: Download the Zip File

Download the zip file and extract it


Step 4: Put Audio Into SD Card

  • Open extracted folder
  • Now open sound folder
  • Copy and paste all audio in SD card as I shown in the first video.

Step 5: Upload the Codes in Arduino

  • Install tmrpcm library as I shown in first video.
  • Open again extracted folder.
  • Now open voice folder
  • Open program in arduino software
  • Connect your arduino and upload it

Step 6: Connect Circuit

Connect circuit as shown

Vcc - - - - > 5v

Ground - - - - - > ground /negative



  • Connect DB7---------> arduino's 2 pin
  • DB6--------> arduino's 3 pin
  • DB5---------> arduino's 4pin

  • DB4---------> arduino's 5pin
  • E---------> 6pin
  • RS-------> 7pin
  • RW - - - - - > ground


Bluetooth module

  • RX---------> TX
  • TX---------->RX


SD card module

  • MISO --------->12
  • MOSI - - - - ->11
  • SCK ----------->13
  • CS ------------->10

Step 7: OUTPUT Connections


  • Connect audio Jack's left and right terminal to 9th pin of arduino
  • Ground will be connected to arduino's ground.


A0 Output

  • Connect a0 to the base of Bc547 transistor
  • Connect collector of transistor to coil of relay.
  • Connect ac supply with bulb in series with NO terminal and Com terminal of relay.


A1 Output

  • Connect positive terminal of 10mm led to the A1 pin of arduino.
  • Connect negative terminal of 10mm led to ground pin of arduino.


A2 output

I have connected exhaust fan at place of heater.

  • Connect negative terminal of exhaust fan to a2.
  • Positive to 5v supply.

Step 8: Download and Install App

Download and install Voice control app

Link for app :-

How to connect app ...

1.Turn on Bluetooth of your Mobile.
2.Pair Bluetooth name "hc-05 " password is "1234" or "0000".

3.Download the android app.

4.Open the app and click on connect.

5.Now click on hc-05 then wait a few second.

6.If it not connect then try again.

Step 9: All Done

Here we go.....

Just turn on your data connection and click on center button and say these commands

  1. Light on
  2. Light off
  3. TV on
  4. TV off
  5. Heater on
  6. Heater off
  7. All on
  8. All off

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