Talking Bubo the Owl From Clash of the Titans

Introduction: Talking Bubo the Owl From Clash of the Titans

This is how I made a talking Bubo The Owl.

Step 1: Talking Bubo the Owl

I made this talking Bubo the Owl using foam board, posterboard, and metallic foil posterboard for the outer body. To make it "Talk" I modified a mp3 player, with external speaker, that I bought from ebay. These are the original drawings I made for it.

Step 2:

This is the foamboard core of the body. The back is left open for the mp3 player and the top disk has a small hole cut in it to thread the wires from the LED eye through. I used a slot-and-tab construction for strength. The tapered bottom is for leg support.

Step 3: Body and Legs

I then measured the length of the flat edge sections of the upper and lower disks and cut out and glued down a section of poster board to cover the front and sides only. I left the back open. The legs have cores of three popsicle sticks glued together, then a section of foam board glued to the sides. The feet were made from popsicle sticks as well, and securely glued to the bottom of the legs. The tail is made from foam board with metal-foil poster board. I had to be careful gluing it down to keep the glue(in this case tacky glue) from smearing the foil. I then glued the tail to the back and glued the legs to the supports on the bottom of the body.

Step 4: Body and Wings

This is the body with the metal-foil glued to it. The wings are poster board with foil glued to them as well. One leg here has been left undone to show how the foil poster board has been glued over it.

Step 5: Head

This is the head. I made it separate from the body so it can be turned manually. The two circles are for the eyes and the tiny holes for mounting the LEDS.

Step 6: Completed Head

The completed head. The first pic shows the metal-foil "feathers" glued to it. I painted the face bronze with acrylic paint. And the LED eyes have been installed in the head. More foil "Feathers" will be glued down to complete the head.

Step 7: Modifying the MP3.

THIS is the mp3 player I used to make it talk. I opened it up and removed the tiny speaker, I then soldered two wires to the player. To boost the sound I hot glued the speaker to a vending machine shell: It magnified it a LOT! And by attaching the LEDS to the speaker wires coming out of the player, the LEDS flash in time with the sound.

Step 8: The Finished Owl

These are pics of the final product. Its "Eyes" flashes as it talks, via mp3 player, and any sound file can be downloaded onto the player. This one has the hellboy 2 golden army story audio(not the entire movie) and three Rammstein songs.

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