Introduction: Talking Remotely Controlled Teddy Bear

Hi Everyone,

The theme of this project is me - blue furry thing.

I am going to show you how can you instruct me what to say and how to move my limbs over Slack platform. You will also learn how I can react on tweets. My logic is built in Intel Edison processor and my wiring is done using IOT dev kit. Smart huh?

I hope you'll like it and of course.. Where are my cookies?

Step 1: Rip Me Off and Attach Skeleton - Oh How I Hate It!!!

You will need:

  1. Me
  2. 3D printer (you may also create skeleton using coffee stirrers or anything you'll find handy and stiff enough)
  3. Scissors and sewing kit
  4. Servo motors and wires

Cut my back gently and remove all the filling. You will need to put all my sensors inside and printed skeleton. Keep in mind the positions of servo motors when connecting them to skeleton - I don't want to move my limbs like a freak.