Optimus Prime , With Talking Vocoder Robot Voice Synthetiser

Introduction: Optimus Prime , With Talking Vocoder Robot Voice Synthetiser

This is the Modified* version of Optimus Prime with added Voice and Lights mods for better crowd impact!

Had a complete blast, won 1st price!

I will not give the details of the body construction as Dannyeurena did a pretty good job explaining that part.

My design is more for the voice talking mode and control mod part of it which adds another level of complexity.

Details of mods: 

-Attached and glued a complete sub notebook computer in Prime's back (LCD screen was already broken)
-Added a Arduino controller board (10$ on ebay)
-Added 5 N/O toggle switches in left hockey glove hand to controls Pre-recorded Mp3 playbacks via an Arduino Nano v3.
-Computer sound passing thru an 200w Amplifier
-Added a hidden dynamic vocoder , this is for live Robot voice 
      see  --> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9fX7cLwIuFI
                NOTE:  This required 12 AC as portable source.
-For the full light effets :
        Added a  3 layer blue strips VU meter in mouth piece on both sides connected to 3 Arduino's digital output pins
              (had to add 3 transistors as the power level were too low and 12v was needed )
        Red led chasers above windshield (15$ on ebay)
        Side legs white leds strip
        Side back white leds strip
        4 front painted flashlights (1$ each at the dollar store)

Here it is the overview connection schematic:

    Sub PC Computer:
        USB port       <->   Arduino Nano v3 controller board <->  6 Digital inputs switches  + 3 output leds
        Audio output  ->  Arduino Nano v3 controller board -> Analog Input 0

   Audio Amplifier:
          Left channel is for the pre-recorded playbacks
          Right channel is for the live vocoder robot voice.  

Software running on the Arduino has 2 roles:
      -Takes in audio from PC and calculates the VU meter levels and ouputs them to 3 digital outputs (leds)
      -Check the 6 digital input for On/Off state and send the correct Pre-recorded sound to plya on the PC side
     * I've included the Arduino source code so people can reuse the code and upload the firmware to it.

Ive attached a video but unfortunatly, no audio is available (but I added a seperate video for the pre-recorded playback & Vocoder).

If anyone is interested in more details, I can put the required info in here.

*NOTE:       Basic costume design credits all goes to Dannyeurena

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    More information,
    -I have a VU meter controller by the Arduino in the front mouth piece of helmet.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    LOVE IT! too cute wish i had one when i was little ,wait im 5'2 im still little lol
    Nice job.!!.check out mine what u think? I made out of card boards and tape lol Vote if you like show some love in return :-)


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Yours is also awsome! I actually started with the Power Loader but got discouraged by the walking part of it ;)


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Won first place at my work for the 2nd year! Got fired by my Jalous manager, for real! Poor guy, you aint got ;) Keep working that golf thing ...you might hit a hole one day!