Introduction: Tall Floor Lamp

I have many block printed papers from the workshop I attended. Finally I found one use for it. I made this floor lamp.

Step 1: I Used One of My Block Print Papers.

Step 2: I Bought an Acrylic Sheet of 2'x3' From the Hardware Shop.

You will need a double sided tape, scissors, lighting fixture.

Step 3: Roll the Acrylic Sheet and Tape of the Ends Together.

I rolled the acrylic sheet and taped of the ends together. It holds well. You can use some sort of glue to hold the ends together. But since I didn't have an idea of how it would turn out, I just used the tape.

Step 4: Rolling the Paper

I stuck double sided tape on the length of the acrylic sheet and stuck the paper to it. Next stick the tape around the circumference of the rolled acrylic sheet on both the ends. Stick the paper. You can also use mod podge.

Double sided tape worked great for me.

Step 5: Trim the Excess Paper.

I found it easier to trim the length of the paper after I stuck it to the acrylic sheet. I got the edges neatly cut along the acrylic sheet with a sharp blade.

Step 6: Fix the Bulb and Your Done.

Use an old lamp base or dangle the light from above into the paper frame. Use your imagination. It lends a very soft lighting. Unlike in the lighted lamp above, in real the light is diffused all over. Sorry I was not able to get the lighted picture right. I am planning to add a metal base later on.

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