Introduction: Tama Techstar Electric Voice Module Rack Mount

I have a Tama Techstar 500 Electric drum module that did not have rack ears. I decided to put this in a rack and needed to make some. I looked at another Tama Drum module I had and saw it was the same size and could use that as a template for this other one. After looking in to what materials I could use I was lucky to find that a standard piece of aluminum angle metal could be used as a rack rail. Here is my process of making them for this Tama Techstar 500.


Angle Aluminum: 1-1/4 in x 1/16 x 48 in (Home Depot 196 972)

Black Spray Paint - Satin or Flat


Painters Tape

Printer (print out hole template)


Hack Saw


Drill press or Drill

xx Drill Bit

Step 1: Print Rack Ear Hole Template

Here is a PDF of a hole template for the rack ears. Make sure to print this out "actual size" (no sizing). 2 pages total. One page has the side holes where the screws hold it to the module and the other "oval" holes are for the screw holes that mount the unit to the 19 inch rack. You will use both pages on each rack rail. Cut them out leaving the black outline.

Step 2: Rack Ear Sizing

Here is an original Rack Ear from my Tama TS5305 which will work with the Tama 500. I also have the aluminum angle metal next to the Rack Ear showing the similar size.

Step 3: Cut Aluminum to Size

Using the template for size, cut two pieces of aluminum angle for each side of the module.

Step 4: Mark Holes on Rack Ears

Tape the template on the aluminum as shown in the template. The curved corners of the template are the outer sections of the aluminum angle metal. Using a punch, mark the holes in the metal, make sure to use 2 punch marks for the "oval" shaped holes. The oval shaped holes will need to be longer. Remove the template from the metal after you have punched all holes. There should be "dents" in the metal where the drill bit will drill a hole.

Step 5: Drill Holes in Rack Ears

Using a drill press and a scrap piece of wood, drill the holes in the metal rack ears. Make sure to use two holes for the oval holes. For the oval holes you will need to also drill out the middle section.

Side mount holes I used a 3/32 bit and for the rack mount holes (oval) I used 3/16.

Step 6: Sand and Paint

With some medium to fine sand paper, sand smooth the aluminum rails and round the outer corners a bit. Wash these off with a bit of soap and water and let try. Next spray paint them along with any screws you might use.

Step 7: Attach Rack Rails and Mount

Next attach new rack ears on unit. Mount in 19 inch rack.

All complete.

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