Introduction: Tan

The yellow star is a start button. Click it to change the displacement of the wheel through the friction displacement between the bearing and the pulley.

Step 1: Main Body of Construction

Select two cubes in the shape generator, adjust

them to 45 * 20 * 1 and 5 * 20 * 1 respectively, select the circular roof to rotate 90 ° and adjust the thickness to 1, and the radius to 10, copy the semicircle and rotate it to make the main body symmetrical, then merge the combination on the left and select multi colors.

Step 2: Main Body of Construction

Copy the assembly, scale it down, adjust it to 0.2 from the

work plane, and use alignment.

Step 3: Main Body of Construction

Step 4: Adjustment

Merge the right part, rotate it 17 ° to the

left, and raise the assembly to the low contact working plane.

Step 5: Adjustment

Select the
multipoint cylinder from the shape selector, rotate 90 °, and combine the two without merging.

Step 6: Combination

Select the two objects and copy them. Select the cylinder

from the shape selector, rotate 90 ° so that the three are combined and symmetrical about the cylinder

Step 7: Combination

Select cube and cylinder, set cube thickness as 4, length

width ratio as 4:3, place cylinder at four corners, and thickness as 8, select cylinder, adjust it as hollow, merge it into two proportions, and make connection plane.

Step 8: Combination

Select the polygon and cylinder from the shape selector,

set the cylinder as hollow, insert the cylinder after combination, and get the screw and nut.

Step 9: Combination

Assemble the combination screw and nut with other


Insert the cylinder connection in the center
of the assembly in Figure 10

Step 10: Combination

Select the combination of cube and dome to get the

connection component, and combine the combination obtained in the previous steps.

Step 11:

Copy the four wheels of the skateboard

Splicing the main body of skateboard and wheel

Select the letters China and maker from the
shape selector, and set the thickness to 1.2 to cover the main body of the skateboard