Introduction: Tandoori 'Beer' Que and Firepit.

Firepit bbq or tandoori oven in one. built from recycled beer kegs and Cley drainpipe

Step 1: Let's Get Started!

get hold of two stainless beer kegs,safely remove the pressure then cut off bottom of one of the barrels off using a angle grinder.
carefully cut the rim off the bottom of the other barrel and then cut in half to format two semi circle legs.
be careful they are under stress and will ping so be very careful.
drill holes all around the barrel to allow plenty of air in as shown as this is really important to keep the fire going.
weld the semi circle legs underneath lining up carefully so the pit sits level.

Step 2: Add Coal Tray

put four bolts and nuts equally around the barrel in the air intake holes so that the long part points into th inside of the barrel.
then cut a round plate ( I used a stainless plate with pre drilled holes but steel mesh will do
sit it onto the bolts
you now have a fire pit
simply place a firelighters under the plate or mesh, light it replace.plate and add charcoal or wood.

Step 3: Make a Bbq Top

cut the very top off the first barrel including the disk so basically you left with a hoop.
I then cut and welded a stainless plate for cooking on.
a old oven shelf would do.
weld the plate from underneath. so it does a good job
this then sits exactly on top of the Firepit to make a bbq.

Step 4: Make the Tandoor Part

using the second barrel you can build a tandoor
cut a hole in the top of the barrel.
turn barrel upside down then cut a larger hole in the bottom to allow room to put in clay pipe.
place pipe in and cut to length. then tightly pack with vermiculite or I used phenolic insulation,basically. use insulation that does not burn.

Step 5: Nearly There!

once the outside of the pipe is insulated then the bottom can be re welded on making sure to cut a hole the same size as the internal diameter of the pipe first.
you now have a full sized barrel with a clay pipe fitted inside fully insulated with a hole all the way through the same size as the internal dimension of the pipe.

Step 6: Keep at It

I'm sure you guys can see what the cracks is by now just ake it up as you go along thinking if what ideas would work best and using the materials you can beg borrow or find,
here are some tools.I made to stick the nann bread and unpick it out once it's been stuck to the clay and cooked
I used stainless coat hangers to make skewers for the meat and welded nuts to hang the skewers from under the disk offcut you should have after trimming to size
add a hook to the lid,I used a beer bottle opener.
now aftersterting a fire in the pit the tandoor should slot axactly ontop of the pit,
marinade your meat with tandoori massala spice mix and natural yoghourt
skewer it

Step 7: Enjoy the Fruits of Your Labour

Step 8:

sorry any a few photos,description could be better but if your reading this. I'm sure your capable of building one try bettering my ideas and using any material. you can beg recycle or find. I try not to pay for anything and if I see something going to be wasted the first thing that pops into my head. is now what can I turn that into. anyway happy building and please share your thoughts ideas and questions if you have any

Step 9: More Food Being Cooked on This Bad Boy,,,,notice the Heat Intensity