Introduction: Tankie

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Intro: This robot tank is for the many who are fairly lazy or unable to retrieve things by themselves. This tank will allow its user to retrieve things for them with a controller from a video game station. The robot tank will be also used for entertainment purposes :)

Step 1: Introduction- Materials.

1. Modified PS2 Controller to fit with Arduino.

2. Arduino micro servo.

3. Tank Chassis.

4. Acrylic robot arm cutout pieces

5. Wiring for Arduino.

6. USB cable to connect to your computer.

7. Breadboard for Arduino.

8. Wifi transmitter.

9. Double A and triple A batteries, as well as rechargeable.

10. Arduino Code.

11. Maybe a Soldering Wire

12. Battery Place holders with wire.

Step 2: Build the Arm.

The first step to this project is to build the entire arm of the robot. Luckily, the arm pieces are made of acrylic, which allows for easy building. Nuts, bolts, and screws are required for this. You can find the pieces online. Building the arm is difficult, therefore, you can find simple videos of how to build the robot arm.

To build the arm, you will need the a set of acrylic cutting parts a pack of screws, 4 sg90 servos, 1 arduino Chinese board, an expansion board, ps2 remote control, two wires, 2 pieces 130 small motor, and 1 piece 5V 2A adapter.


Step 3: The Tank

Next, install the new arm to the tank by connecting various tank wires together, soldering them. Make sure to add the correct batteries/ motors. This will allow the motors to move as the controller is being used. Make sure to add this code in as well. The code should be added into the Arduino board from the computer.

Step 4: Final

Finally, the batteries should be put into the tank and the arm. Now, the tank should be finished!