Introduction: Tape & Glue Craft.

Check out how I make use of tape of different colour to create realistic image on paper.


Two A4 papers, red blue&black tape, super glue ,a flat small piece of wood.
Pencil, Scissors, jack knife

Step 1: Cover Paper One With Blue Tape& Trace Out an Object

I started by covering a surface of one A4 paper with blue tape and trim the excess with scissors, next i drew an image of a sitting cat and tree on the paper and cut it out with a jack knife.

Step 2: Trace the Object on First Paper to the Second Paper

I placed the second A4 paper under the first & trace out the image on paper 1.

Step 3: Placing Tape & Wood on the Traced Object on Second Paper

I proceed to carefully place a black tape on the image of the cat on the second paper and a white and red tape on the leaves ,and a piece of small flat wood cut to shape on the trunk of the tree.

Step 4: Finishing

I add some drop of super glue at the edges and corner of the seond paper and proceeded to join the first and the second paper together and making sure they glue together, I then cut a fruit like shape with green paper and glue it to the tree to give it a realistic look . ( you can also use the object cut out as a sticker on wall or fridge) I stick mine on wardrope.

Step 5: Results

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